2017 UK Hotel Trading Performance Review from Knight Frank

Date: September 2017

About: This, their first annual report, is a comprehensive analysis of the UK’s hotels trading performance, which focuses on a detailed review of hotel revenue, cost, and profitability.  Their sample of hotels, totalling 112,000 rooms, covers England, Scotland and
Wales. London comprises the greatest concentration of hotels in their sample (37%), representing approximately a quarter of London’s hotel bedroom supply. The report is produced in partnership with HotStats.

Cost: Free

Size: 16 pages PDF

THPT Comment: This is a good report, full of facts and figures and basically tells us that whilst revenues (RevPAR) and increased greatly over the past five/ten years, sadly so have costs and we need to look at GOPPAR (Gross Operating Profit per Available Room) – don’t you just love the acronyms that have entered the industry in the past 10 years!

Available from: Philippa Goldstein at Knight Frank or via THPT

Highlight Quotes: A greater than anticipated boost in tourism drives strong trading performance across the UK. RevPAR is forecast to grow by over 7% for the full year 2017, driven by 7% ADR growth in London and record high occupancy rates in the UK provinces….. and The rise in RevPAR outpaces growth in other operating departments, resulting in the share of Food & Beverage revenue to decline as a percentage of turnover.