BrewDog’s first ‘beer hotel’ opening in Ohio

Date: August 2018

Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Name: DogHouse Columbus

No. of Keys: 32 including 8 suites

Seller: Part of the BrewDog brewery site opened last year

Buyer: BrewDog, a multinational brewery that got its start in Scotland, opened its first US brewery in Columbus, Ohio, last year.

With a grand opening set for August 27 2018, according to BrewDog’s website, it will add to its list of firsts with the opening of what the brewery claims is the world’s first beer hotel.

Those of the “love-beer, will-travel” ilk, take note: Each of the rooms in DogHouse Columbus includes a minibar featuring, you guessed it, BrewDog beers.

For those that prefer their suds in draft form, there is a BrewDog tap equipped in each room. None of this beer is free, but the local Columbus coffee available en-suite is.

You can awake to the aromas of brewing on premises then head down to a continental breakfast (or you have the option to purchase food and, of course, beer from the lobby’s marketplace).

Other hotel amenities include soaps made from beer, a beer museum, a lobby bar with games (and more beer) and a workout facility — because, hey, high-ABV craft beer isn’t exactly known for its low-calorie count.

And every night, four lucky dog owners can sip their beer alongside Rover if they manage to snag one of the hotel’s dog-friendly rooms.

Although BrewDog produces a variety of beer options, the company credits its Punk IPA with starting the “revolution.”

The stateside brewery features this India Pale Ale as one of its “headliners” but seems to be betting on the growth of the sour evolution as well with its Over Works sour beer facility next to DogHouse.

As far as craft consumption goes, beer drinkers are still all about the hops. According to the Brewer’s Association, beer people want hazy and juicy IPAs over anything else. But sours, ciders and coffee-laced brews are also popping up.

While there has been some recent concern over tariffs on aluminium slowing down the craft brewery boom, this new beer-centric hotel is evidence that craft breweries are in it to win it.
Like many mid-western cities, Fargo has a thriving beer scene.

So, about that claim of being the world’s first beer hotel.

Next year, Stone Brewing in San Diego has plans to open a namesake Stone Brewing Hotel. There’s also Denver’s The Source Hotel, which features a brewery on the premises.

And in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, guests can stay at The Brewhouse Inn & Suites, a former Pabst Brewery, where they will be able to enjoy an ice-cold PBR in the boutique property’s lobby.

And BrewDog have already announced their first beer hotel in Scotland, but not due to open until 2019.

The hospitality industry has been paying attention to the rise in beer consumption in the United States and responding most hospitably.

THPT Comment: Great to see this irreverent, punk, bad-boys company thriving in the hotel sector as well as brewing!

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