DeA Capital Sells The Pantheon, Rome to InvestiRE

Main Photo: The rooftop terrace at the Pantheon Hotel

Date: November 2020

Location: via di Santa Chiara, Rome, Italy

Name: The Pantheon Iconic Rome- Autograph Collection

No. of Keys: 79

Seller: DeA Capital Real Estate – The property was purchased by the De Agostini Group asset management company for €48m, as part of a portfolio of properties deriving from the sale of Sergio Scarpellini’s real estate assets.

Buyer: In the midst of the Covid-19 emergency, the real estate world does not stop. Fewer transactions than a year ago, but many of value, says Il Sole 24Ore.

The latest has the city of Rome as its theatre. An enhancement in the historic centre has revived a dilapidated building from which the Pantheon hotel was born, now managed by the Autograph brand of Marriott. The building will soon change hands, according to rumours that are circulating on the market. Investire Sgr should be purchasing for around €62m.

The property was purchased by the De Agostini Group asset management company. It was then included in a real estate fund with international investors, which had a return on investment in the order of 8 percent.

The conductor Mdm, a company of the brothers Emidio and Fabrizio Pacini, transformed the empty building into a five-star luxury hotel designed by architect Marco Piva, with a starred restaurant on the roof garden.

The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel in via di Santa Chiara, a stone’s throw from the Pantheon, was inaugurated in May 2018, after completing the redevelopment works in just one year, returning to the city a totally renovated building which, before the Covid emergency, attracted tourists from all over the world.

A success story for investors and managers and above all for the city, which too rarely sees the redevelopment of properties in the historic centre.

Price: €62m

Price per Key: €784,810

THPT Comment: A serious refurb of a classic building in a great location in Rome, changes hands at a handsome €785k a key…good deal.

First Seen: Il Sole 24Ore

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