Dormero Announces Hotels in Wiesbaden and Aschaffenburg, Germany

Main Photo: Marketing messages from Dormero

Date: August 2019

Location: Wiesbaden and Aschaffenburg, Germany

Name: Dormero Hotel Wiesbaden and Dormero Hotel Aschaffenburg – opening 2021

No. of Keys: 95 & 51

Seller: TBA

Buyer:  Berlin-based Dormero has announced two more new hotels in the Rhine-Main metropolitan region. In Wiesbaden and Aschaffenburg Dormero. “Having already built in Offenbach and Darmstadt, it was logical to further expand our presence in this region,” says Dormero CEO Marcus Maximilian Wöhrl.

The project partner for the new properties is IBER Immobilien, a major German residential developer. Both parties are sure that cooperation on the current projects will not be over. Wöhrl says: “With Mr. Hakan Öner there was a very good chemistry right from the beginning, so we are already planning further objects together.”. “We look forward to a good cooperation with Dormero and hopefully we will realise more properties,” adds Hakan Öner, Managing Director of IBER Immobilien Group.

Dormero has expanded in recent months with numerous hotel transfers, but more and more on new construction projects to implement their concept. Manuela Halm, CEO of Dormero Deutschland Betriebs GmbH, explains: “In this way, we are continuing to pursue the strategy we have taken in recent years of consistently focusing on new buildings instead of takeovers of existing buildings.”

In 2013 when German aviation entrepreneur Hans-Rudorf Wöhrl launched a new hi-tech hotel chain, well ahead of time of the major brand chains, together with his son, Marcus.

The main characteristics of the properties were then hi-tech rooms with giant flatscreens, smartphone docking stations, free wi-fi, and trendy furniture, as well as limited gastronomy.

But even more unusual is the staffing policy. Instead of hiring experienced hotel workers, the Wöhrls prefer to take on staff from other industries and let them wear fashionable clothes at work rather than uniforms.

In a joint interview with fvw magazine, Marcus Wöhrl explained that he mostly communicates with the hotel managers through a WhatsApp group, rotates the head office managers through the hotel properties and ensures that the hotel managers also work in the head office from time to time.

“That creates respect for other people’s work. I can’t stand arrogant managers,” he declared. Explaining why Dormero employs non-hotel staff, he said: “We want to be different in many areas. That’s why we need a good mix of different professions. It makes us unpredictable for competitors.”

Hans-Rudorf Wöhrl said the group wanted to reward customers who booked early and opposed offering heavy discounts for last-minute bookings. “Why should someone who books later pay less? We want to offer fair prices.” This meant that room prices gradually rise along with the occupancy rate. “At the end we might be slightly cheaper than others but we have better average rates,” he claimed.

They say: “This is a story about what happens when a hotel breaks open outdated patterns and remembers what you as a guest really want. A hotel that supports life. Life as it is today. Life as you live it today.

We believe a good hotel is the epitome of an act of love: the passion to lovingly care for another human being with all of the heart. A hotel we love will not forget that we also need some mental and spiritual stimulation.

Innovation is our passion. But we believe that innovation must also draw from the past, bringing to perfection the good things, leaving behind what may be done without.

We believe a good hotel gains its appeal from its character. A hotel we love will give us a sense of security. From clean freshness to a refreshing smile.”

Since July 2019 Dormero has 30 hotels in operation at 28 locations in Germany and Switzerland, with eight more signed.

THPT Comment: A hotel group, that we at THPT have not come across before, Dormero has emerged to be a good-size player with some 40 hotels open or in the pipeline.

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