Floating Resort Furnished by Aston Martin Coming to Dubai

Main Photo: The Neptune glass boat houses attached to The Sea Palace Floating Resort

Date: November 2020

Location: Dubai Marina, UAE

Name: Sea Palace Resort

No. of Keys: 6 glass boat houses

Developer: UAE’s emirate of Dubai will soon welcome The Sea Palace Floating Resort, an upmarket hotel floating near the waters of Dubai Marina.

The project is being developed by Seagate Shipyard and El Bahrawy Group, the latter being a pioneering Emirati firm looking to revolutionise the tourism sector.

Unveiled during a glamorous opening ceremony at Dubai’s Armani Hotel, the AED600 million development will feature a central floating hotel, with six eco-friendly glass boat houses connecting to the hotel.

The villas, which are projected to cost millions of dirhams to buy, will be called Neptune. They will have self-sterilising air filtration systems and use automated technology to operate the entire house. Additionally, the villas will be powered by solar energy.

Neptune developments will boast two floors, a balcony, and a roof with an outdoor swimming pool. Each floor is 300sqm, which makes it 900sqm in total. The first floor consists of 4 en-suite bedrooms. It also includes a kitchen, a living room and two additional rooms for the domestic workers.

Falling into the luxury segment of both the hospitality and residential sectors, the interiors will be created in collaboration with Aston Martin.

Project owner Mohammed El Bhawravi explained, “For us to implement this project with ultimate accuracy and professionalism, we challenged time and circumstances, and we presented you with the idea that combines luxury, elegance, and investment all at once. Therefore, we couldn’t but team up with big names such as Aston Martin to furnish the house and Laila Aziz for the interior design.”

El Bahrawy Group plans to operate the floating hotel itself. One of the Neptune homes has already been sold, with a keen buyer snapping one up during the opening ceremony.

THPT Comment: Wow, thought we had seen some exciting suites in hotel around the world, but this does seem to beat them all! As one expects to come out of Dubai…let’s hope that Dubai can find sufficient guests to make the project viable.

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