Former Edinburgh Royal Mile Jail to Become ‘Capsule Hotel’

Date: May 2018

Location: Parliament Square, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


Seller: The former district court and cells at 1a Parliament Square on the Royal Mile.

Buyer:  The property will be transformed into a modern pod-style accommodation in the plans by Edinburgh-based Code, which already has a hostel in Edinburgh, at Rose Street, two in London and one in Dublin. Owned by Andy Landsburgh, who started with a law degree, but was determined not to be a lawyer!

It is proposed that the majority of the existing Georgian building pattern will be kept with the original features and the character of the courthouse and cells exposed to create the boutique hotel.

The original features will be “expressed to form a central feature of the hotel experience” and it is claimed guests will be “responsible green travellers”, with young Chinese visitors expected to be one target market.

It is also planned to reinstate many of the existing blocked up windows and recreate the original, historic entrance door in the building currently used mainly for storage.

The applicant’s supporting statement stated: “The existing building is inefficiently utilised given the original design of the building for holding cells and court rooms.

“This proposal by Code seeks to utilise and celebrate the historic fabric of the building through ensuring that every possible aspect of the building is put to good use.

“It is the historic and original use of the building which excites Code and would be used as a key component of the marketing and theme of the new hotel to provide a unique visitor experience.

“Given the number of younger visitors travelling to Edinburgh it is surprising not to see more good modern, high quality hostels in operation. ”

How Code see themselves

The design statement added: “Code are currently looking to provide additional accommodation within their home city, Edinburgh, with the proposals to create a world class boutique pod hotel at 1a Parliament Square.

“This would act as the firm’s flagship property and company headquarters.

THPT Comment: Code bill themselves as operators of five star, high-tech hostels…emm hostels are not five star by definition, but they do seem have an edge above their competitors.

First Seen: The Herald Scotland