Germany Leads Europe’s Hotel Construction Pipeline; London Ranks as Top City

Date: June 2018

Location: Europe

What: Analysts, Lodging Econometrics, have issued a new report that the top countries in the Europe Construction Pipeline by project count are:

Germany with 246 Projects/47,927 Rooms
United Kingdom with 246 Projects/36,585 Rooms
France with 121 Projects/13,618 Rooms
Russia with 80 Projects/15,520 Rooms
Poland with 80 Projects/12,468 Rooms
Portugal with 80 Projects/8,310 Rooms
Spain with 79 Projects/11,457 Rooms
Turkey with 70 Projects/11,278 Rooms

Cities in Europe with the largest pipelines by room count are:

London with 78 Projects/13,601 Rooms
Dusseldorf with 39 Projects/8,461 Rooms
Frankfurt with 29 Projects/6,174 Rooms
Hamburg with 27 Projects/5,934 Rooms
Warsaw with 30 Projects/5,916 Rooms
Munich with 26 Projects/5,664 Rooms
Moscow with 25 Projects/5,628 Rooms
Istanbul with 30 Projects/5,368 Rooms

Interestingly Lodging Econometrics also tell us that Extended stay product accounts for 27% of ALL the hotel project under construction at this time.

By the end of 2018, 320 Projects/33,961 Rooms are expected to open in the extended-stay segment in the U.S., with another 309 Projects/33,087 Rooms in 2019.

In 2017, 259 extended-stay hotels with 28,990 rooms opened in the U.S.

THPT Comment: Interesting to know…i guess the bottom line is all is healthy in Europe (for hotel development) Poland is maybe the one stat that surprises us. The next question is can cities like London (actually all of them) can fill these new beds, especially when such cities have already had near-on 9,000 new beds each year for the past few years…?

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