Healing Hotels of the world organise summit in May 2020

Main Photo: Keynote speaker, Ronald J Garan

Posting Date: December 2019

Location: Pine Cliffs Hotel, Albuferia, Algarve, Portugal

Date: May 18th – 19th 2020

What: The 7th annual HEALING SUMMIT, taking place in May, 2020, is organized by the hospitality member association Healing Hotels of the World, which demonstrates that wellness in hotels has truly come of age. Founders Anne Biging, Elisabeth Ixmeier and Claudia Roth explain that the HEALING SUMMIT is inspired by our deep desire to establish a space where individuals meet to debate, discuss and learn from their collective wisdom.

It is an event for like-minded individuals to collaborate, raise awareness and inspire change. And, it is a call to action. World-class speakers from around the globe share their holistic perspectives on a future committed to healing. Topics include: insights into a healing lifestyle, sustainable practices, charity projects and the paradigms of business rooted in a soulful economy.

A partial list of Speakers: 

Ronald J. Garan, former NASA astronaut, keynote speaker & social entrepreneur – having enjoyed an illustrious career that has cemented Colonel Ron Garan’s place as one of the world’s most influential individuals, the iconic father of three is a decorated NASA astronaut, fighter pilot and test pilot, a humanitarian, and a social entrepreneur.

As part of a select group of individuals who have been fortunate enough to see the world from space, Ron champions his “orbital perspective” message to improve life on earth. Ron is celebrated not just for his research in space but also for his humanitarian contribution to life on earth. Ron has spent 178 days in space and has travelled more than 71 million miles during 2,842 orbits of our planet.

He flew on both the US space shuttle and the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, where he accomplished four spacewalks. Ron also spent eighteen days at the bottom of the ocean during a research mission held in the world’s only undersea research lab, Aquarius. Later, Ron was assigned to the US Agency for International Development, leading the Unity Node project. Ron co-founded Manna Energy Limited, one of ten global innovators in the field of water purification and continues to work toward a cleaner, safer, and more peaceful planet.

The Sullivan Estate & Spa, a member of Healing Hotels of the World

Heidi Kuhn, founder & CEO Roots of Peace. The California spirit is deeply rooted in Heidi Kuhn, as her pioneer family from the 1850’s taught her respect for the land and its people. The stewardship of the Earth is violated when landmines are planted, and the land is held hostage for future generations. Inspired by the peace movement on her campus at U.C. Berkeley during the 1970’s, she majored in Political Economics and set forth her footsteps for peace. Bridging borders from Alaska, Heidi was a CNN producer/reporter on the melting of the ‘ice curtain’ between US/Soviet Relations.

In the midst of her career in journalism, while raising three children, Heidi was diagnosed with cancer. In 1997, she realised that ‘Cancer was a landmine, and landmines were a cancer to the Earth,’ and made a prophetic toast that the world may go from ‘MINES TO VINES’– replacing the scourge of landmines with bountiful vineyards and orchards worldwide. From the basement of her family home, she reached out to Napa Valley vintners to support her vision, which grew to the United Nations, World Bank, and international governments and leaders.

Kjell A. Nordström is a world-renowned management mastermind, international best-selling author and considered the “enfant terrible” of the business world. Kjell’s speeches are witty, dynamic, provocative, interactive and always on the cutting edge. In 2009 he ranked number 23 among the most influential economists of the world; within Europe, he is in the top five.

Kjell’s thesis: Customers have regained power in the new, confusing and information-overloaded world. They either want the cheapest or something very special. Imitating leading companies, therefore, ends in “creative impotence”.

Molly Melching, executive director of the NGO Tostan, has lived and worked in Senegal since 1974 and founded the international NGO, Tostan, in 1991. Tostan, meaning “breakthrough” in the Wolof language of Senegal, implements a holistic, three-year empowering education program that has engaged over 3,000 rural African communities in cross-cutting themes of democracy, human rights and responsibilities, peace and security, problem-solving, hygiene and health, literacy, project management skills, and early childhood development.

The program has supported millions of African adults and youth to achieve life-transforming results in the areas of governance, health, education, economic growth and the environment, and has led to more than 8,500 communities in eight African countries declaring their intention to abandon female genital cutting and child/forced marriage.

More speakers are available to view on the website

Price: Delegates, members of Healing Hotels of the World and non-members – €1,500.  Accommodation is extra at €180/200 per night Single/Double, including breakfast.

THPT Comment: A Summit that hoteliers serious about wellness should consider attending.

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