Hoteles City Express Adds 17 Hotels in 2018 to Reach 152 in Total

Date: December 2018

Location: Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia & Chile

Name: Hoteles City Express

No. of Keys: 17,100

Who: Hoteles City Express, started in 2002 by Luis Barrios.

On December 17 2018, City Express Plus Mérida will open its doors, meanwhile The City Express CDMX La Villa, City Express Plus Ensenada, City Express Ensenada and City Express Plus Tijuana hotels will start operations between December 22 and 31 of the present year.

Additionally the City Express CDMX Tlalpan, City Express Plus Chihuahua and City Centro San Luis Potosí hotels will open their doors in the first weeks of the coming year.

Their hotels are a mix of franchise, managed, owned and co-owned.

‘THPT Comment: A hotel company we have not come across before – probably showing our ignorance on the LatAm hotel scene! Clearly sucessful with 150 hotels under their belt.

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