HVS Say European Hotel Transactions Reach Record Levels as Investors Step Up Interest in Southern Europe

Date: March 2018

What: HVS publishes their 2018 European Hotel Valuation Index

About: Hotel values, over 10 years, over 33 Cities in Europe as percentage change in Euros.

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Size: 12 page PDF

THPT Comment: Great stuff from the respected HVS

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Highlight Quotes: European hotel transaction volume reached €21.7 billion in 2017, up 22% on 2016 and the second largest figure ever recorded, according to the HVS annual European Hotel Transactions report published this week.

Single-asset transactions in Europe were up 16% year-on-year to a volume of €12.4 billion, continuing an upward trend and accounting for 57% of transaction volume, with some 323 hotels – 59,500 rooms – sold in 2017 for more than €7.5 million.

The year saw Spain experience a record year for hotel transactions, accounting for 23% of total activity and doubling 2016 results with sales valuing €5 billion.

Transactions in Germany saw a slowdown in 2017 after a record year in 2016, with portfolio sales down 38% to a value of €1.5 billion. However, single-asset sales saw an increase, with Munich and Berlin proving particularly popular with investors.

London was once again the leading European hotel transaction market, with a total volume of some €2.5 billion, ahead of Amsterdam at €1.3 billion.

The year saw Paris fall to third place in the table, with €777 million-worth of transactions. Madrid and Barcelona recorded a combined transaction volume of €1.1 billion.