InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Opens in China

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Opens in China

Date: November 2018

Location: South Western Shanghai, China

Name: InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland.

No. of Keys: 336

Owner: Developed by Shimao Group and managed by IHG, the hotel is built into the side wall of a formerly abandoned quarry in Shanghai. Shimao have several (10) hotels in China trading under the Yu and Mini-Max brands.

Stretching 88 metres underground, the hotel was nominated as one of the architectural wonders of the world due to its pioneering design.

Founded in 1946 by aviation pioneer, Juan Trippe (Pan Am), InterContinental Hotels & Resorts have been on the forefront of luxury hospitality industry for decades with a portfolio of 200 hotels and resorts in stunning locations around the world.

Located at Sheshan Mountain Range, this new hotel is mostly subterranean, with two floors above ground and 16 below ground, including two floors underwater.

Individually designed to best reflect both modern elegance and the unique features of the quarry’s landscape, all the rooms and suites provide ample, luxury living spaces with spectacular views of waterfalls and the surrounding cliffs.

The stunning underwater loft offers two awe-inspiring levels: the landing deck at water level houses the outdoor terrace and living room, while the underwater bedrooms are encased within a turquoise aquarium where guests will be surrounded by the schools of fish that swim by.

All hotel rooms on the bottom floor are provided with around-the-clock butler service to ensure a truly hassle-free stay experience and keep guests feeling truly pampered.

Lin Wang, chief marketing officer in Greater China for IHG, said: “We are delighted to be joining forces with Shimao Group again to open InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland – an architectural masterpiece which is a wonder and beauty in the global hospitality industry.

“IHG has maintained staggering growth since entering the Chinese market in 1984, and the opening of InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland marks a significant milestone in our development strategy and further enhances our luxury portfolio in China.

THPT Comment: We have seen many hotels on, near, overlooking water…not many mostly underneath water!

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