Investment Opportunity Mauritius Chamarel Project With Beenessreesingh Group

Location: Chamarel, the South-West of Mauritius Between Savanne and the Black River District. 6 km from the coast of Brie du Cap

Name: TBA – 5 Star

No. of Keys: A Mixed-Use Project to Include Wellness, Club House, Restaurant, Yoga Deck, 100 Eco Forest Villas and 50 Bungalows

The Project: The Beenessreesingh Group offers THPT clients the privilege to invest in Mauritius at Chamarel on a 185 Hectares of freehold land solely belonging to the Beenessreesingh family. The land is located in the south west of Mauritius one of the most beautiful and natural part of Mauritius. The site is bordered by the different well known tourist spots such as the Chamarel Waterfall, 7 Coloured Earth. The site gives a unique opportunity to develop innovative mixed projects that could create high end economical benefits. The owners are currently seeking investors, developers to invest on this magnificent plot of land.

About Chamarel: Chamarel is a village located in the western hills on the west coast of Mauritius at an elevation of about 850 feet (260 m) between Savanne and the Black River District where the cascades are formed on the river du capano, flowing through an “ampitheatre of abrupt rocks”. It is a wooden plateau, the village is known for its “hushed buconic vibe and cool breeze”.

The site is located at Chamarel in the Southern Uplands of Mauritius and is characterised by its
dramatical topography. The site lies to the east of the Baie Du Cap River Gorge; the river itself
forms the western boundary of the site. It occupies a strategic position overlooking Cascade
Chamarel, the Black River Range, Maconde Valley, Baie Du Cap, and La Prairie. The bulk of the site rests some 100 meters above the river level and is transverse by a series of four spurs running north to south and rising over another 200 meters above the lowest part of the site.

Climate: There are two seasons of the island – a warm and dry winter (May to November) and a hot and humid summer (November to May), annual average rainfall of 2,000 millimeters, and temperatures between 17°C and 27°C (with humidity often exceeding 80 percent).

Chamarel is located on a hill 300 meters above sea level and surrounded by rivers and streams on the south west part of the island – an area with its unique micro-climate that is ideal for
tropical crops such as Vanilla, Ylang-Ylang, Moringa, and Turmeric among others.

Chamarel is a centre of Plant Diversity and is included in the Islands biodiversity hotspot. The
region of Chamarel is characterized by a high level of endemism, with 39% of plants, 80% of
non-marine birds, 80% of reptiles, and 40% of bat species reported as endemic, as a result of the region’s location, and varied topography. Forests harbor, among others, 691 species of indigenous flowering plants, 52 native species of vertebrates and 30 species of land
birds. Mauritius is home to some of the most unique, rare and threatened animals and plants on the planet.

A scientific survey funded by the European Union and carried out under the aegis of the Indian
Ocean Commission estimated that there are about 100 native plant species with medicinal properties in Mauritius and Rodrigues in addition to 500 introduced species (Gurib-Fakim et al., 1994-2000).

The Project: A proposed concept project is to create organic mixed plantation of endemic plants, medicinal plants, Essential oil plantations and high potential crops such as Moringa, Vanilla, Cacao among others. The necessary infrastructure such as Biotechnology unit, distillery, extraction plants, drying/packing house could also be built for onsite manufacturing and intensive Research & Development.

An international standard Clubhouse that could accommodate the necessary facilities such as restaurant, bar, Spa, state of the art Eco wellness centre, lounge etc. Hiking trails with different viewpoints will be built along the site for a unique tropical jungle experience. A one in a kind yoga deck around a waterfall for a Zen corner and boutique shop for tourists. The site could potentially be further developed for other eco tourism activities, Driving Golf Range and any other potential activities.

The rich fertile soil at Chamarel could be highly beneficial for setting up of a certified mixed
organic farm. The proposed farm will take full advantage of the topography, unique micro climatic conditions prevailing in Chamarel and the natural organic soil of the site which offers some of the best exotic fruits in Mauritius but also throughout the world.

Chamarel has a unique geo-climate that cannot be replicable in other regions and this unique climate conditions make it the perfect spot to grow some of the best plants, fruits, spices in the world. The Indian Ocean region is well known for its bourbon grade product such as Vanilla, Ylang- Ylang, Vetiver, Rose Geranium, etc. The land already has some unique plants such as Cacao, Clove tree, Giant Bamboo, Tekoma tree, Bois De Natte among others.

A zone could be identified for the implementation of an on-site modern ecological distillery for
the distillation of essential oils and plant extracts for the local and export market. The essential oil plants will be processed, distilled and bottled on site so as to achieve the highest quality finished products.

By extracting, processing and distillation the raw product on site this will ensure that the final product is of a premium quality standard, but also a comparative advantage compared to other big producing countries in Africa will be the cost cutting for transportation of the raw material this aim towards safeguarding freshness and quality of the plants. The processing unit could be built in wooden and metal structures for sorting, drying, and packing unit for the other high end products from the farm. The manufacturing unit would produce significant return on investment in the long run for the different investors.

A major feature of the project will be the development of High-End Luxurious Eco Forest Villas.
These villas will be built on the most attractive part of the site in the development, and will afford superb views of the Baie Du Cap River Gorge and the southern coastline towards Maconde. The Villas will be designed in a sustainable concept so as to merge with the topography and the natural environment. Each Villa will sit on 0.5 acres of lush forest.

For Ecological value a mixture of sustainable materials would be use for the construction of each villas. Each of the villas would have Photovoltaic panel for auto sustainability for energy, hybrid battery system during emergency and for saving of excess electricity.

Solar Water heater for hot showers, Green Roof for natural ventilation, and purification of the surrounding air, energy saving LED lights for decrease in power consumption. Each villa will be equipped with a Grey Water System so as to recycle all water from wash-basin, shower, bath and sinks. Furthermore the pool of each villas will be chemical free so as to minimise carbon footprint in the project.

The zone that has been identified for a potential Clubhouse occupies a spur overlooking the Cascade Chamarel and the globally well know Chamarel Waterfall. The Clubhouse would be built in a Biophilic Design Concept so as to merge with the surrounding natural environment. The Clubhouse will have a dual function, as it will be used by the residents of the Estate and also for visitors.

Restaurant: An international restaurant will be set up, it will serve some unique fusion,
local an international foods which will be mostly sourced from the garden and from nearby local businesses. The restaurant will have a panoramic view of the Chamarel Waterfall which will give a unique nature touch. The restaurant will also house a reception area for larger events.

Bar: A themed style bar with lounge will be provided in the clubhouse. The bar will be designed
and furnished to reflect the exclusive nature of the club.

Wellness Retreat Centre: A state of the art wellness centre with highly equipped luxurious
treatment room, sauna, Spa with professional therapists to offer a range of natural spa and
holistic treatments to soothe, relax and rejuvenate.

50-Room Accommodation: Located within the clubhouse complex, the 50-room accommodation unit will be designed to welcome tourists and locals and resident’s guests. All rooms will be luxuriously appointed, managed like a small resort and emphasis will be made on an ecological concept.

Locker & Changing Room: A suite of changing and locker rooms, together with toilets and shower will be provided for the clubhouse clients.

Fitness Centre: State of the art fitness room that will be fully equipped for the different
fitness routines.

Administrative: Offices and meeting room will also be provided within the clubhouse.

The development of the project will also encompass the creation of different hiking trails around the bulk of the site which could be around 10 km long or more. These trails have possibility to differ in difficulty, effort and time to complete them. Benches and viewpoints can also be created along the hiking trails to act as resting point but moreover for visitors and tourists to enjoy the magnificent scenery, flora and fauna of Chamarel.

Another proposed highlight of the site will be the setting up of a Zen corner just around the small waterfall that is located on the site. The Zen corner can be use as a relaxing place for the guests and tourists to enjoy a peaceful moment with the sound of the waterfall. The setting of a bamboo deck strategically around the waterfall for yoga sessions.

Tourist Shop: The project would include a high end boutique shop for tourists. Majority of the product sold at the boutique shop would be from the finished product manufactured on-site. Local craft products would also be sold enabling small local entrepreneurs to expose and sell their products to tourists and guests.

A special organic garden that would feature growing of culinary and medicinal herbs. Mauritius has a rich biodiversity that promote the growth of different medicinal herbs which are well- known to the local community and used in their daily life. The garden could be tour guided so as to show visitors about the process of growing different medicinal herbs, their specification and health benefits. Implementation of a small corner for tasting of the different herbs and the products would also be available at the boutique on sale.

A Golf Driving Range can be built near the Eco Villas, in a peaceful and tranquil location
overlooking the Chamarel valley is could be the ideal location for the discerning golfer to develop and hone their golf game. The facility could cater to all the practicing needs. Certified golf professionals would be available to take your game to the next level. Whether you are a beginner desiring lessons or an experienced golfer fine-tuning your golf game a driving range is highly recommended before going to any professional golf course. The natural topography of the site would offer unique golf experience and difficulties.

Main Photo: The spectacular resort looking for investment

The Investment Opportunity: With a diversified economy, Mauritius is the most prosperous island in the Indian Ocean and in the African regions. The Government aims to boost the economy by encouraging foreign direct investment.

Mauritius has differentiated itself by establishing agreements with many African countries where such networks do not exist. In that respect, Mauritius has quickly emerged as the international platform for companies wishing to develop their activities on the continent, but also because of its tax treaty with India that has made Mauritius the largest foreign investor in India. Therefore, investing in Mauritius is a gateway to global investment projects.

This proposed offer would allow investors the opportunity of acquiring a rare and unique piece of land but moreover, this prime land is a rare ideal investment for different mixed project such as Green Real Estate, tourism industry, Biotechnology Niche organic plantation among others.

The site also neighbours some developments such as an Essential Oil Distillery, Coffee Plantations and some future real estate development are in the pipeline which would increase the price of land around and on the site.

The Government of Mauritius also offers some very attractive incentives to boost foreign direct
investments into Mauritius and some of those schemes can be found below:

Food Processing Schemes: A Company operating a food processing plant for food processing activities and for the manufacturing of product from agricultural, herbal & medicinal plants, either as intermediate goods or finished products.

>Income tax exemption for 8 years.
>Exemption from payment of Registration Duty and Land Transfer Tax for the purchase of immovable properties for the project.
>Exemption from payment of value added tax on equipment and machineries.

Property Development Schemes: 
>The project development can be made on more than 50 Acres.
> Plot size of individual villas can be on an average of 1.25 Acres.
> High-Class leisure, commercial amenities and facilities intended to enhance the residential
> Day to Day management services to residents.
> Land transfer tax 5% of the value of the property

Investment from US$10m – 50m is invited… meeting with Akshay Beenessreesingh either in Mauritius, or in Europe/USA. Contact via THPT

THPT Comment: This is a great opportunity to participate in a magnificent eco-tourism project in this fab part of the world.

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