Locally Listed Wimbledon Building Dating Back to 1885 Will be Turned into a Hotel

Main Photo: The original Bank Buildings, with retail and an All Bar One, due to be a hotel

Date: October 2019

Location: Wimbledon Hill Road, Wimbledon, London, UK

Name: TBA – opening TBA

No. of Keys: 76

Seller: The existing Bank Buildings, once a bank building and now an All Bar One, date back to 1885.

Buyer: Crown Properties, we believe. The planning depart at Merton Council and local residents are at loggerheads!

A report which was considered by Merton Council’s planning committee last week said: “Architecturally, the Bank Buildings are recognised as one of the most magnificent buildings in both the town centre and the Conservation Area.”

Plans for a new hotel include ‘substantial demolition’ of the existing building but will keep the current facade.

A statement on the planning application said: “The development would create a viable redevelopment of the site including the full refurbishment of the locally listed faced, thereby preserving this heritage asset for generations.

“The scheme would underpin the vitality of the local economy by re-introducing viable employment uses and providing clientele for neighbourhood businesses and retail areas.”

At a meeting of Merton’s planning committee last week, chair of the Wimbledon Hill East Residents Association Lynne Gordon said: “The buildings have been left to decay over the past ten years and we look forward to their restoration, however we urge you to refuse permission for this budget hotel.

“This is a gross over-development of the site and will see at least a doubling in size.

“This top floor reception will provide an ideal location for drug dealing and prostitution already a great problem in this area of Hillside Walk.

This is a concern that was also raised by PC Pat Simcox in a representation to the plans.

“This arrangement is in place at other hotels which has caused issues with prostitution and drug dealing within the hotel. A reception point at the main entrance to the hotel is preferable, and the main entrance should be designed to provide an airlock which incorporates a quality access control system.”

The plans were given the green light by the planning committee and now developers will have three years to start work on the new hotel.

THPT Comment: As a local Wimbledon resident I can state that there is a very uneasy relationship between the planners and residents…the residents don’t trust the planners at all!

Turning this grand old building into a hotel, if it maintains the fabric of the building is probably a good thing. Keeping the residents happy and maintaining the fabric of Wimbledon, as befits the home of the world famous tennis championships, is also important.

First Seen: Wimbledon Guardian

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