Looking for an American Buyer and a Caribbean Seller!

Main Photo: The idyllic Caribbean resort you have been looking for?

Date: August 2020

Location: USA/Caribbean

Who: Blast! Films, an award-winning production company in the UK are developing an exciting new show for a major US network. They make a huge number of shows on both sides of the Atlantic and work with channels including A&E, Netflix, Disney+, HGTV, Investigation Discovery, DIY, Animal Planet, Bravo and National Geographic Wild.

What Are They After: They are on the lookout for couples, families and friends in the USA who are tired of their metropolitan lives and have decided to take on the project of a lifetime- renovating a boutique hotel or resort on a Caribbean island!!!!

Ideally they are trying to find people who have either just bought or are about to buy. This new documentary series will follow their entire journey as they resettle in paradise and buy/renovate a boutique hotel or small resort!

Deadline: They are trying to speak with interested parties before Friday 11th September.

THPT Comment: An example of their work can be found on their website. If you would like to be a reality TV star, please contact us at THPT and we will put you in touch with Blast! Films.

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