Louis Hotels Opens New ‘Polis 1907’ Boutique Hotel in Cyprus

Main Photo: The Polis 1907 Hotel

Date: April 2019

Location: Polis Crysochous, North-West Cyprus

Name: Polis 1907

No. of Keys: TBA

Seller: Named “Polis 1907”, the new hotel is an old mansion, built in 1907 according to traditional techniques and classic architectural lines.

The mansion first belonged to a local wealthy family. Through the years, it was turned into a market, while from 1949-1955 it housed the Polis High School.

Buyer: Louis Hotels has announced the opening of a new boutique hotel in the heart of Polis Crysochous, with the aim to offer its guests authentic Cypriot hospitality.

Named “Polis 1907”, the new hotel is an old mansion, which has been fully renovated to host locals and visitors, who wish to experience true hospitality.

“Louis Hotels’ policy is to offer alternative tourism products that promote Cyprus’ tradition and hospitality,” the group’s management said in an announcement.

“This beautiful building has been fully renovated to include all modern amenities, while also retaining its connection with Cypriot civilization in a modern version. Tradition is mixed with discrete luxury, creating an exceptional result. Every room has its own character based on local tradition and culture.”

The hotel’s Akakiko restaurant on the ground floor offers Asian cuisine.

THPT Comment: An interesting move for Louis Hotels, with an experience of over 77 years, the group includes 25 hotels and resorts offering diverse holiday options in Cyprus and on Greece’s islands, but mainly large tourist-type hotels. Good move into this heritage, boutique style.

First Seen: GTP – Greek Travel Pages

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