Magnuson Opens First Branded Hotel in the UK

Main Photo: The Magnuson Hotel Fines Bayliwick, Bracknell

Date: February 2019

Location: Bracknell, Berkshire, UK

Name: The Magnuson Hotel Fines Bayliwick

No. of Keys: 18

Owner: The Nath family

A year ago, Magnuson Hotels CEO Thomas Magnuson promised owners in the U.K. “not another brand, but a platform.”

That was then and this is now. Today, the Spokane, Washington based company announced its first branded property in the U.K.

“This is a truly exciting time for Magnuson Worldwide,” said Melissa Magnuson, chairman of Magnuson Worldwide. “We have established a firm revenue management and marketing base here in the U.K. and we are delighted that properties like the Magnuson Hotel Fines Bayliwick are seeing the promise that our offering can provide.”

Last year, Thomas Magnuson described the need for independent hotels to compete not only with the corporate brands but the sharing economy as the country’s market undergoes fundamental changes.

“Fundamental industry changes have been taking place in the U.K.,” he said. “Eight or nine years ago (maybe slightly longer ago!), it was 80 percent or 90 percent unbranded. People didn’t want to think about a brand. But there has been a huge increase in brands with Travelodge and Premier Inn, and now that 80 percent to 90 percent is 49 percent (and in hotels above 50 rooms even less). The brands are tipping the scale.”

In the U.K., the CEO explained, there is the opportunity for the independent market to become branded. “The ‘Americanization’ of the world via global branding is transforming a U.K. national landscape that was 70 percent independent only eight years ago into one where brands are the majority of U.K. supply in 2018.”

The Magnuson Hotel Fines Bayliwick is a conversion of the former Fines Bayliwick Country House Hotel, one of the oldest country hotels in Binfield village. The hotel grounds were part of a walk and hunting area used extensively by James I in the early 17th century when the land was part of Windsor Forest. The hotel is a 13-minute walk from the Blue Mountain Golf Centre, 1.9 miles from National Rail services and 3.7 miles from the M4 motorway.

Magnuson Worldwide already serves more than 50 independent hotels in the U.K. and launched its branded offering to the market last year. “We have been overwhelmed by the number of hotels interested in joining our brand,” said the CEO. “The response to our initial outreach far exceeded our expectations. We are currently speaking with several hotels across the U.K. and are extremely excited about 2019.”

Price: Undisclosed

THPT Comment: As the old joke goes, why would you build such a fine 17th century house so close to a Motorway! Seriously when we first met Thomas in his early days, we were sceptical…I would say that Magnuson has come of age.

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