Opera and Ambassador Hotels in Zurich Sold to Meili Family

Main Photo: The Hotel Ambassador

Date: June 2020

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Name: The Hotel Opera and Hotel Ambassador

No. of Keys: 58 and 45

Seller: The Hoppeler family, who operated the hotels for three generations, but no succession route.

Buyer: The Hotel Opera and Hotel Ambassador in Zurich, Switzerland, have been sold to local real estate investment group Meili Unternehmungen. The Hotel Opera underwent a CHF 1.5 million renovation over the last two years. The Meili family, who also own seven other hotels in the Zurich region, are planning to implement a CHF 10 million renovation programme for the Hotel Ambassador and re-open the hotel in early 2021.

Meili have three other hotels in Zurich…The Felix, Seehof and Rossli, as well as hotels in Klosters as well as other real estate in Switzerland.

The Ambassador was part of Small Luxury Hotels

THPT Comment: Sadly when there is no interested family to take over these type of hotels, they go to new owners.

First Seen: HVS Hospitality.net

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