Passionality Group to Launch Boutique Collection Phileas Club

Date: October 2018

Location: Denver’s RiNo neighbourhood, Colorado, USA

Name: Hostel Fish – the first opening late 2019

No. of Keys: 64 beds

Owner: The Passionality Group unveiled the Phileas Club, a new collection of independent lodging offerings in emerging neighbourhoods and destinations.

The collection will officially launch early in 2019, and was inspired by Jules Verne’s 1873 novel “Around the World in 80 Days,” starring protagonist and explorer Phileas Fogg.

To differentiate itself from similar hospitality offerings, the Phileas Club will primarily focus on local events. The club and its member locations will include events organised by an experience curator, and will offer amenities such as a bar, coffee and a complimentary book exchange.

The Phileas Club also intends to donate portions of its direct-booking proceeds to a charity of each guest’s choice. The club also will conduct outreach to the local community.

The club also will offer a recognition through the Passepartout Pass, named for Phileas Fogg’s companion in “Around the World in 80 Days.” Members will have access to complimentary upgrades, breakfast, events and perks based on location and availability.

The founding member of the Phileas Club, Hostel Fish, is located in Denver. The property offers a full-service community bar, communal kitchen and 64 beds across both private and shared accommodations.

“Three years after opening Hostel Fish, we were eager to explore additional locations beyond Denver.

When we met Passionality and learned about their team, deep industry expertise and strong values, and later learned about the Phileas Club and its significant growth potential, we knew immediately that it was the right opportunity for us to kick-off this exciting journey together,” Chad Fish, founder of Hostel Fish, said in a statement.

Passionality also is partnering with 213 Hospitality, a hospitality group with more than 25 neighbourhood bar and brewpub establishments across Los Angeles; San Diego; Austin, Texas; and soon Denver, to operate bars and pubs at select Phileas Club locations.

Daniel del Olmo, founding partner of The Passionality Group and creator of The Phileas Club, said, “In a 2017 Eventbrite research report, 78% of Millennials would choose to spend on a desirable experience over buying something desirable.

We clearly witnessed this trend when we invested in PodShare early last year and uncovered a great opportunity to organise this emerging segment of independent lodging experiences.

As owners ourselves, and unlike other brand collection business models, we firmly believe that when interests are aligned with other owners, partnerships are more equitable and mutually beneficial.

Therefore, we are currently exploring avenues to allow our founding properties to become co-owners of the brand and are in discussions with several prospective members while continuing to be on the lookout for suitable founding locations.”

THPT Comment: Great venture…Hostels are hot right now, theming is hot, new concepts is hot…so all looks good!

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