Ruby Hotels Continues to Expand in Switzerland

Main Photo: The rooftop bar at the Ruby Marie, Vienna

Date: March 2020

Location: The intersection of rue du Rhône and rue du Marché, Geneva, Switzerland

Name: Ruby Claire – opening 2022

No. of Keys: 220

Seller:The hotel will be the result from the merger of three buildings, one of which has a historic facade.

Buyer: The Ruby group, founded and directed by Michael Struck, announces the opening of a second Swiss address. A first property will open in Zurich in 2021, followed by a second establishment of 220 rooms for 2022 in Geneva.

It is at the intersection of rue du Rhône and rue du Marché, the two largest shopping streets in Geneva, that the new Ruby hotel will open. The hotel will be accessible via the famous Malbuisson passage. The promenade of Lake Geneva will only be 200m from the hotel.

The hotel will have a terrace overlooking the seventh floor, with a patio in the centre, also accessible via common areas. The Molard bus and tram stop are nearby. Thus, the hotel will be directly connected to public transport.

The hotel is part of Ruby’s philosophy of lean luxury: a location in the city centre, quality design and high-end equipment focusing only on the essentials, at an affordable price by systematically renouncing what is superfluous and insignificant.

It works, because by taking inspiration from the latest yachts, they integrated our luxury in relatively small areas and simply removed what was superfluous. In addition, by using technical solutions, the organisation differs from the usual practices of the sector.

They plan and build in a more modular way, centralise more and, behind the scenes, automate accordingly. “As a result, we can be present in one of the most stable hotel markets in Switzerland.” continues the CEO.

THPT Comment: Michael has done really well since founding the company in 2013, they now have eight Ruby hotels open and seventeen under construction – 12 in Europe and 5 in China. In 2018, Ruby expanded in Asia and in Munich and Hamburg, the group began to offer the Ruby Works concept: well equipped workspaces. Financially significant partners support Ruby’s expansion. Among them, CURA ; the Austrian group Soravia ; a private placement fund ; a German family business ; Michael Hehn, an investor and Michael Struck jointly own the shares of the company.

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