Sharing Economy and The Hotel Industry 2017 Report from Hotel Analyst

Date: November 2017

About: Airbnb, and others, increasingly mirror the operational model of professionally managed accommodation providers through offering tailored services, distinguishing between different grades of lodging, providing guarantees on its listings’ quality, as well as progressively eliminating private individual amateurs from the supply chain.

Meanwhile, the big hotel chains have responded to the challenge of the ‘sharing economy’ by acquiring operators in the sector or through issuing new brands and concepts which attempt to appeal to the supposed tastes of millennial customers through offering ‘local’ experiences to guests.

Sections include: Airbnb & the Sharing Economy, Other Forms of Alternative Lodging, Increasing Regulation of Rentals and Sharing Economy Impact on the Hotel Industry.

The Report covers Europe & the USA.

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Size: 99 pages. a 27 page PDF sample is available free.

THPT Comment: This very respected journal reports fab news on hotel transaction globally (a must have for THPT!) and thus their reports and conferences/events are taken in high regard.

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Highlight Quotes:

Tourists are mostly motivated to book Airbnb accommodation because of its low cost,
convenient location, and household amenities. They are generally less motivated by the
opportunity to interact with the host or other locals, or by the promise of an ‘authentic, local

This interesting finding tend to debunk Airbnb’s marketing efforts and general
impressions retained throughout the hospitality industry, which emphasise the service’s
experiential side;

61% chose Airbnb as a substitute for a budget or mid-range hotel;

26% indicated that staying with Airbnb led them to increase the length of their trip;

70% stayed in an “entire home” rather than in “shared accommodation” together with a host;

89% were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their most recent Airbnb stay, and 91% were
“likely” or “very likely” to recommend Airbnb to others; and

62% indicated that they were “very likely” to use Airbnb again within the following year,
compared to just 26% who indicated that it was “very likely” they would book a hotel room
within the following year.

Follow-Up: Since announcing this report, Hotel Management issued a story Nov 14th 2017 – “Global cities tighten grip around Airbnb sprawl” highlighting that cities such as Paris, Barcelona, London, The Balearics and Amsterdam are all bringing in regulations that will have an effect on Airbnb and others.