UK Based Redefine/BDL Hotels Renames as RBH.

May 2018

Location: 70 hotels across the UK

Name: Now RBH Hospitality Management

Helder Pereira, CEO of the newly renamed RBH

The culmination of more than six months’ work, the new brand has been put in place following rigorous brand research amongst clients, suppliers, property agents and employees.

Helder Pereira, Chief Executive Officer, said, “Both ‘Redefine’ and ‘BDL’ are well-known across the hospitality industry and, while we value their legacy, we’ve used the acronym ‘RBH’ both internally and externally for years.

Streamlining our name and making things simple but personable, mirrors how we operate as a business.

We have a clear vision to be Europe’s leading hotel management company, and a mission to truly transform hotels.

Our new look now truly reflects our ambitions, and we look forward to becoming an even bigger personality in hospitality over the coming years.”

THPT Comment: Companies change their name/logo at their peril…but this one makes sense. Good luck with the rebrand…and it coincides with the appointment of their new Chief Commercial Officer, Ian Barrigan.