UK Market Benefits From New Hotel Openings

Date: June 2018

Location: UK

What: Top Hotel News says:

Britain seems to be forging full steam ahead with the construction and development of new hotels, which are set to open in the coming years.

Hotel health in the UK: The British hotel market doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down.

Tourism in Europe continues to explode, and visitors to the UK are numbering more and more every year.

The UK is the world’s 8th biggest tourist destination, with more than 35 million people visiting each year, flocking to all of the amazing sights and sounds to be taken in in London and beyond.

Although Brexit might have put some people off thinking of working in the UK, it doesn’t seem to have made any real dent in people coming to holiday in Britain, and now that summer is here, Britain’s beaches, towns and cities are sure to be chock-a-block with tourists looking for places to stay.

UK project pipeline: The UK looks set to receive a healthy number of new hotels over the coming years.

2018 will see 84 projects open their doors to the public, while 2019 follows close behind with a further 81 new hotels providing accommodation for travellers.

33 properties will be welcoming guests in 2020, and in 2021 and the following years, 42 projects are slated to be in the works.

This amounts to an impressive total of 240 projects, between new builds, refurbishments and restorations. These new hotels will bring an additional 35,118 new guest rooms and suites to locations across the UK.

It is perhaps not surprising that the concentration of these new properties will be felt mostly in popular urban centres, with 78 new hotels to open in London over the next few years, followed by 16 projects in Manchester and a further 9 in Liverpool.

All of the 240 projects will be at the higher end of the hospitality industry spectrum.

Luxury hotels, resorts and boutique hotels are becoming ever more popular, and so it is no wonder then that 165 of the new hotels will be of a first class standard, with the remaining 75 projects occupying positions within luxury ranges.

Construction on 91 projects is currently underway, with 24 hotels in the pre-opening stages to be operational in the near future. 21 hotels are still in pre-planning, and 104 are in the planning stages, meaning they are set to become a reality in the coming months.

THPT Comment: Wow! Bearing in mind 2016 and 2017 were not slouch years, that’s an awful lot of new beds to fill….NY, Paris and other cities have had their hit in recent times…will London survive and prosper as this article states?

Three of these projects include the five star Wanda Vista One Nine Elms River Tower Hotel,

Arundel Great Court in London’s Strand, being designed by Wilkinson Eyre

and the Pan Pacific Heron Plaza due in 2020

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