WertInvest Acquires the Hotel Ananas, Vienna from Amisola Immobilien

Main Photo: The Hotel Ananas, managed by Austria Trend

Date: October 2019

Location: Near Vienna Naschmarkt, Austria

Name: Hotel Ananas – Four-star

No. of Keys: 539

Seller: Amisola Immobilien, a part of Karl Wlaschek Privatstiftung, owners of the Fifty Five project.

Buyer: Vienna’s largest hotel, the 539-room Ananas Hotel, has been acquired by WertInvest from Amisola Immobilien. The Ananas Hotel will join WertInvest’s 3-hotel portfolio in Vienna comprising the Hotel InterContinental am Stadtpark, the Kummer Hotel, currently closed and to reopen as the Hotel Motto, and 50% of the 25hours hotel.

The hotel covers a total area of ​​21,500 square meters. The unique location near the Viennese Naschmarkt, directly at the U4 (in the future at the new metro hub U2 / U4 Pilgramgasse), nicknamed the “Pineapple” for decades a popular hotel and appreciated by tourists and business travellers alike.

With the acquisition of the Hotel Ananas, WertInvest will be able to expand the conference business, which is quite significant for Vienna, with three hotels – the Hotel Intercontinental, the Hotel Motto and the Hotel Ananas – and optimise the synergies between the individual companies in the convention segment. Wertinvest intends, according to the press release, “to invest in the future in a sustainable and high-quality manner in the real estate – as well as in the expansion of conference facilities”.

THPT Comment: Vienna very hot right now with this large four-star hotel, being the third or fourth substantial hotel sale in recent months.

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