Conrad New York Downtown Adds In Room Water Filtration Devices

Main Photo: The Rocean water filtration unit in the Conrad New York Downtown

Date: January 2020

Location: Downtown New York, NY, USA

Name: Conrad New York Downtown

No. of Keys: 463

What Did They Do: The Conrad New York Downtown is working to reduce the use of single-use plastics with the installation of Rocean Zero smart filtration devices.

Rocean Zero smart filtration devices have been added to each of Conrad New York Downtown’s 463 rooms, with the goal of reducing single-use plastics and encouraging a circular economy across hotel operations.

“From eliminating plastic straws to recycling soap, Conrad New York Downtown is dedicated to creating a sustainable experience for our guests,” GM Marlene Poynder said in a statement. “Conrad New York Downtown was designed and built solely using strategies that aim to preserve precious resources, and the addition of the Rocean system further strengthens Hilton’s commitment to reduce its environmental impact by 50 percent by 2030 by offering plastic-free solutions for our guests.”

Each Rocean Zero will provide a customisable, reusable water ecosystem with best-in-class filtration to replace single-use plastic bottles. To maximise efforts in reducing the carbon footprint at the hotel, Rocean is providing reusable aluminum bottles to be distributed upon request.

“Everyone wants to be doing something to help the overwhelming issue of plastic pollution, but not many people know where to start,” said Sunjay Guleria, Rocean founder/CEO. “By acting now in 2020 and not years from now, we can save literally billions of single-use plastic water bottles over the next decade as we expand this initiative across the globe.”

THPT Comment: Just last week, we asked how can hotels replace water in plastic bottles…this is a good solution, at a capital cost…we have asked Rocean what cost, so we can see how long it will take hotels to amortise the running cost or providing bottled water.

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