Dutch Based, The Student Hotel to Expand in the UK as Part of €1.8bn International Growth Strategy

Date: March 2018

Location: Currently Amsterdam (2), Rotterdam, The Hague, Groningen, Eindhoven & Mastricht in The Netherlands

Name: The Student Hotel

Owner: The Student Hotel, a Dutch-based co-living and co-working provider, is looking in Brighton, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Manchester for suitable land or existing buildings for refurbishment to launch its UK operation.

It plans to have three UK hotels, with a minimum of 400 to 500 rooms each, operational by 2021.

The group has three investors: founder Charlie MacGregor, whose family started building student accommodation in Edinburgh in 1982.

Aermont Capital, headed up by Leon Bressler, Managing Partner

and APG, asset manager for the Dutch pension fund APB, who invester €100m in The Student Hotel in 2015.

Under its model, The Student Hotel offers not only student accommodation but also short-stay lets, for people such as travellers or mobile professionals, in a co-living designed hotel. Co-working space is also incorporated into the building.

Founder and chief executive Charlie MacGregor said: “As owner-operators and developers of all our assets we take longer than competitors, but our value is solid and gives us the great position of being able to control our buildings 100%.”

The group plans to build 35 to 40 new properties over the next four years in Europe and across the Atlantic.

It currently has 10 development projects in five countries and aims to acquire a further 10 this year. To implement its growth plans, the company has brought its acquisition, development and design teams in-house.

THPT Comment: OK we have seen an explosion in student housing, hostels, co-working space and The Student Hotel seems to combine all three!

First Seen: Property Week