Hashtag Hotels in Liverpool has Gone into Administration

Main Photo: The Hashtag Collegiate Fontenoy Apartments

Date: September 2019

Location:As well as six locations in London, other Hashtag Hotel locations include Bangor, Dublin, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Nottingham. According to its website, there are 17 in total.

Name: Hashtag Hotels

No. of Keys: TBA

Owner: A hotel firm with various sites across the UK has gone into administration, with angry staff claiming to have been left without pay “for weeks”.

Hashtag Hotels, whose portfolio of sites includes one inside the Collegiate Fontenoy Apartments student accommodation building in Liverpool city centre , has told many employees this week they have been made redundant – but that they will not be offered redundancy payments.

On Wednesday, the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages for the firm, which launched on Fontenoy Street in Liverpool in June, were unavailable, as BusinessLive reports .

An email to various employees and seen by the Liverpool ECHO , said that due to the hotel chain’s financial position, it was “not able” to make payments to staff for arrears of pay, holiday pay, redundancy pay or compensatory notice pay.

The firm’s Twitter account was unavailable on Wednesday
It said their employment had ended on August 28 “by reason of redundancy”.

The letter added that if staff want to receive any due payments, they should make a claim online using the government website, adding that Leonard Curtis had been appointed as administrators.

A spokeswoman for Leonard Curtis confirmed the company had been appointed as administrators, and has been asked for a further comment.

On Wednesday, staff told the ECHO that not all employees had been made redundant – around half of staff at the 69-room Liverpool hotel had kept their jobs – although had “no idea” what would happen next.

According to the Hashtag Hotels website, the firm was founded by Nash Cohen and Simon Gilbert, who had “become frustrated” with existing hotels “built on archaic technology and systems which lead to poor customer service and a laborious customer experience”.

It promised to use “simple but unique tech themes and elements, which allows us to scale our solutions across a wide geographic area, alongside a large number of sites and guests”.

The accommodation was very much aimed at students and teachers…will be interesting to understand if a future buyer can open up the space to all?

THPT Comment: Interesting comment from the founders…existing hotels are based on the formula where their first objective is to make a profit, whilst still satisfying guests’ expectations. Sad to see Hashtag hotels is the second significant receivership we have seen in the past month, here in the UK.

First Seen: Liverpool Echo

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