Horwath HTL, with ABN AMRO, compiles the Dutch City Hotel Index 2018

Date: June 2018

Location: The Netherlands

For the attractiveness of investors, six variables were looked at: the hotel market (occupancy rates and room prices), the supply and the pipeline, economy, real estate, demography and sustainability. Scores are given for a number of characteristics on these variables. That leads to the next ranking.

What: Horwath HTL, in collaboration with ABN AMRO, has compiled the Dutch City Hotel Index 2018, a ranking of Dutch cities that are most interesting for hotel investors. Amsterdam is clearly on top despite, or perhaps even thanks to, the hotel stop.

Utrecht is in second place. There has been very little in recent years, the market has grown enormously and is expected to continue to grow, and the pipeline with projects is substantial, so there is something to choose for investors.

Rotterdam is third, the supply there has grown considerably in recent years and that is well absorbed, giving the hotel market a broader and more stable base.

The Hague remains in fourth place with a quiet and stable growth.

Investment opportunities: After the ‘big four’ cities there are good investment opportunities in Haarlemmermeer, Almere, Leiden and Eindhoven. These are places where the economy grows faster than nationally, and is an attractive pipeline of new hotels.

Size: 8 page PDF

Cost: Free

How to get a copy – via Horwath, or THPT

Language: Dutch!

THPT Comment: We have asked Horwath if they have an English language version. Utrecht is an interesting 2nd city ranking.

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