Investment Required for Unique Wellness Emporium at Douglas, Barbados

Location: Sand Street, Douglas, 2 km from Coblers Cove Hotel, North-West Coast Barbados 

Name: The Rijooviness Life-Styles Emporium

Guide Price: Investment of US$20m

No. of Keys: Beach-Front Restaurant, Bar, Education Centre, Rijoovination Spa, Lifestyle Living Shops, Medical…and More!

The Opportunity: This project, bought to us by Reg Lenney and Sue Alexander, who we interviewed recently, comprises right now of the beach-front restaurant and two other buildings, ready to be converted into a unique wellness emporium, as a stand-alone business as well as being a benefit to local hotels, their guests and the community.  

There is nothing like it in the Caribbean. The owners have started discussions with the Health Minister and Prime Minister of Barbados, and the Caribbean Island Initiative, to sponsor our television show and vision helping Bajan, and the large expat community, mentally and physically while giving them the opportunities to work, learn and create to improve the economy and lifestyle of all.

Rijooviness TV is a global platform with a vision to highlight local entrepreneurism and encourage health, tourism, education and employment in health and wellness and local businesses.

They are covering all aspects of health, tourism, education, employment, community involvement, emotional, physical and mental well-being. They will also be training their signature multi-award winning 10 vital keys program, and their signature Body & Face Wisdom training at the centre alongside many other courses, workshops, seminars and retreats.

This project already interested sponsors in merging successful businesses into the Rijooviness Emporium. The intention is to take this concept throughout the Caribbean with the endorsement of the Government, the tourism association and the Island Innovation Ambassadors Programme, of which Reg Lenney has been invited to join.

An exciting part of the marketing strategy for the Emporium, will be via their television show, which is now being broadcast throughout all of the Caribbean, and around the world. Along with their TV show, which is aired live online 3 days per week, Sue and Reg are consistently being interviewed and contacted for JV partnership opportunities, as well as via top health and lifestyle magazines, blogs and radio shows, and interviews in social media and other marketing opportunities around the world. They are already creating the awareness of “Rijooviness Life-Styles Emporium” and the brand in exciting ways, gaining interest from individuals and companies around the world.

The online division of the company will allow for global broadcasting, selling of over 40 programmes, books, training, mentoring, products, live events, retreats and endless other opportunities.

The elite clientele they already have will also bring a global awareness to Rijooviness. This private and secure beachfront property in Barbados together with Rijooviness is a gold mine for this business and investors.

The Speightstown property consists of 22,000 sqf. of land with 3 buildings totalling 12,000 sqf and is on a white sand beach. There is unobstructed views of the sea. The property boasts two separate buildings which have sea views:

Building One is set on a 11,235 sqf lot and is on two levels, with two x 2 bedroom apartments – 900 sqf and a 1 bedroom apt 770 sqf. The ground level has commercial space 1,670 sqf.

Building Two is a three level building set on 5,600 sqf  of land and consists of a 1 bed apartment with loft space 3,600 sqf and vacant restaurant and commercial space on ground level.

An example of could be…the near neighbour Port St. Charles

Building Three is 5,000 sqf. directly on the beach and an air bridge would connect pedestrian traffic to to be developed beach suites and the bar and restaurant. The development of the property technically would produce 12 boutique rooms, but the owners wish to keep a non-conflicting relationship with the local hoteliers.

Main Picture: The beach-front aspect of the Emporium

Current Owner: Private family

Flag and Management: Branded The Rijooviness Health & Wellness Emporium

Financials: Business Plan and other information, based on LOI/EOI being provided

Tenure: Freehold

Agent: THPT is direct to the owner

Guide Price: Investment US$20m, which is the cost of the buildings and the capital to see the project through to opening. “Our goal is to have visionary investors who see our big picture and wish to either be a part of it or at least invest in it and help us bring it to life and the world.

We believe Rijooviness will go global quickly and cover multiple sectors as a stand-alone brand, however, with the added value of our school, services in and around the brand, full product line, courses, events, retreats, workshops, online products, licensing and franchise goals and opportunities …..the income potential is massive.

The opportunity for investors to buy into parts or the whole of Rijooviness is available. These expanding storefront opportunities, along with the franchise, training, product placement, hotel & resort partnerships, and licensing create a very exciting investment opportunity for those with no limiting beliefs and a passion to create a global brand and movement.”

Date Posted: March 2021

THPT Comment: An opportunity to buy into what is poised to be a Caribbean-wide wellness brand as a JV with two well-established practitioners of the art.

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