Landmark Hotel Gets a New Life as the Belleview Inn

Main Photo: The Belleview Inn – Photo Credit Christopher Sticky

Date: January 2019

Location: Belleair, Florida, USA

Name: Was the Belleview Biltmore Hotel; Now The Belleview Inn

No. of Keys: 35

Seller: Built in 1897, the 145-room hotel was famous for being a vacation spot for celebrities, athletes, industrial tycoons, and US presidents. It was originally built by businessman Henry Plant, and later run by his son, Morton.

Buyer: After it closed in 2009, the Belleview’s future looked bleak. But developer Mike Cheezam of JMC Communities decided to preserve its legacy by saving and restoring the elegant lobby — some 38,000 square feet of the original 820,000-square-foot structure.

While the 35-room Belleview Inn, a new boutique hotel near Clearwater, is relatively small, its existence signifies a monumental undertaking.

The inn, now serving as the focal point of Belleview Place, a gated housing community, is what remains of the landmark Belleview Biltmore Hotel.

THPT Comment: The theme this week seems to be restoring former glory buidings by making them into hotels to give them a new lease of life.

First Seen: The Boston Globe

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