NOVUM Hospitality has Signed for the Development of its 170th Hotel

Date: October 2018

Location: Paul-Gossen-Strasse/Koldestrasse in Erlangen, Germany

Name: niu Cure – opening 2021

No. of Keys: 130

Buyer: Together with S&P Commercial Development GmbH, an associated company of the Sontowski & Partner Group, NOVUM Hospitality has signed for the development of its 170th hotel, thus taking another decisive step on the path to a successful expansion with the planned 80 to 90 niu hotels.

Commercial Development GmbH, which started working in (among other areas) the hotel asset category last year, is relying on strategic collaboration with NOVUM Hospitality and the niu brand in five of its mixed-use district developments.

Together with the Hamburg hotel group, the project developer is planning niu hotels at four locations with a total of 1,000 rooms. In Hamburg, two niu hotels are on the joint agenda – and one of them will shortly be celebrating its ground-breaking ceremony in Hamburg-Eppendorf.

Besides Erlangen and the Hanseatic city, the partners are also planning niu hotels in Nuremberg and Forchheim. “We are delighted by the trust placed in us and our transparent partnership. Thanks to this renewed collaboration with Commercial Development GmbH, we’re achieving extremely efficient processes on both sides,” explains David Etmenan, the Chief Executive Officer and Owner of NOVUM Hospitality.

NOVUM Hospitality is seeking to set new standards Europe-wide with niu: with inspiring storytelling, as well as a commitment to quality beyond the 3- star segment and at fair midscale prices. Every niu hotel tells its own story, inspired by its location. The first sign of the storytelling is the special name given to each hotel, which reflects the core of the unconventional storytelling concept.

The niu Cure pays homage to the above-average number of medical facilities and companies in Erlangen. In a nutshell, Erlangen is the German capital of technical medical research, production and services ‒ which is why the niu Hotel in Erlangen is named “Cure” (= healing) and makes use of typical motifs, presenting them in a surprisingly modern way.

THPT Comment: Just last week, Novum partnered up with UAE’s Select group on another niu hotel…to announce their 170th hotel this week is great!

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