Top-Notch Five Star Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco


Location: Marrakech, Morocco

Name: TBA

No. of Keys: 150+ Plus land to build out more rooms/Villas

The Property: This highly-confidential five-star hotel is available in a distressed sale scenario…. full details available via a phone call to THPT and signature of a NDA.

Plot size: 57 hectares of gardens, trees, water

Main Photo: Marrakech city shot; Photo; Getty Images

Tenure: Freehold

Brand/Management: Flag and Management in place currently but can be bought with VP

Yield/Financial: Previous/Current year trading figures available on signing of NDA/LOI

Guide Price: Under €100m…much reduced

Date Posted: June 2019

Agent: Local agent in partnership with THPT

THPT Comment: This is a steal of deal…one drawback needs urgent response…call us today!

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