Zleep Hotels Opens New Hotel in Copenhagen

Main Photo: The bedroom at the new Zleep Hotel

Date: June 2020

Location: Orestad, Copenhagen, Denmark

Name: Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Arena

No. of Keys: 211

Seller: TBA

Buyer: Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Arena was built by Gråkjær. The owner of the property is ATP Ejendomme.

ATP are real estate developers, mainly in offices, started in 1994 and seriously committed to sustainability. They say “the climate has become an important part of the social debate, and, as a property investor and manager, it is only natural for us to Take active ownership of environmental aspects.”

Their parent organisation, the Danish Labour Market Supplementary Pension Fund (ATP), has a policy to play a responsible role in climate issues via sustainable investments in, for example, forestry. ATP’s approach is that, broadly speaking, social responsibility is most often a precondition for long-term, sound earnings and or maintaining the value of the investments made.

Copenhagen gets a new hotel as Zleep Hotels opened the doors to yet another of its popular select service hotels. The hotel is located in Ørestad which is a trendy part of town undergoing a great process of development. A nearby neighbour is the multi-functional arena Royal Arena.

Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Arena is the largest Zleep hotel to date with 211 rooms set out on six floors, fitness and a large lounge in connection to a breakfast area. In addition to Royal Arena, Denmark’s largest shopping centre Field’s, the large congress-, conference- and exhibition center Bella Center and Ørestad Metro are also within walking distance from the hotel.

“Zleep has shown in Denmark how to inspire the guests with good quality and a convincing concept. We are proud and excited to complement our existing portfolio with the largest Zleep hotel so far. We warmly welcome our newest member in our brand family”, says Thomas Willms, CEO, Deutsche Hospitality.

Due to the corona epidemic’s impact on the country’s tourism, the opening date had been postponed. Now, however, the time has come as Peter Haaber CEO of Zleep Hotels puts it: “We have carefully considered when to open the hotel and I believe that now is the right time. We are hoping for a summer of increased inland tourism, and therefore the time has now come to finally invite people in and I am so pleased and happy to open our 13th Zleep hotel today”, says Peter Haaber.

THPT Comment: Deutsche Hospitality’s Zleep brand has done well, with this, their 13th hotel, since DH took the 51% stake in Zleep in January 2019.

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